Questions and Answers

What Porsche model is to prefer as a collector ?

At the end of the day, this is of course a matter of personal taste and the objectives that are pursued. With the Porsche 911 we find particularly attractive, making it one of the few vehicles on the market – if not the only that owns a more than 50 – years has distinctive storyline. If one sees the cars of different series next to each other in the ELEVENCLASSICS showroom, then one is the only once visualized really.
From the aspect of a possible appreciation it makes sense to collect rather limited or rare vehicles with relatively low mileage. When building up collections with several vehicles there are also a wide variety of strategies in which ELEVENCLASSICS is ready to give personalized advice.

Why are you only offering Porsche cars while others on the market have a much broader selection of cars ?

It is and has always been our company’s strategy to specialize in both trading, as well as in the service area, purely on Porsches. This focus is greatly appreciated and recognized, as it is apparent to everyone that specialization and focus also provides expertise for our customers in both areas. When visiting a doctor finally the rational man goes to a specialist as well, if he has something special.

Why is your offering limited to max. 20 cars ?

The limit is usually, in addition to our limited space in the showroom, accompanied by the fact that, unlike several of our competitors, our offered vehicles are usually owned by ELEVENCLASSICS and not with us on a brokerage basis. Beside the advantage that with us all offered vehicles are on display in the showroom, ELEVENCLASSICS is thereby acting as a solely responsible dealer and able to offer the vehicles in the shape that we find appropriate.

What are you making by yourself and what are you sub-contracting in your service area ?

In addition to any kind of service work according to the manufacturer´s specification, we specialize in engine and transmission overhauling and electrical work. Bodywork, paintwork and upholstery work we are outsourcing to longstanding, experienced external partners.

Are you able to take responsibility for a whole ground-up restoration ?

Of course ELEVENCLASSICS can manage even complete restoration projects. From our own experience we know the many aspects that must be respected and cared for. In addition to a appropriate documentation in particular the budget is controlled through us.

Would you act as a consultant for me when it comes to look for a special car on the market ?

We offer this service in principle, but usually only for our existing customers, where we know and can assess their needs.
For our workshop customers it often happens that we make for externally purchased vehicles an inventory / assessment and provide assistance in establishing the vehicle documentation.

Would you support me in the search for a special car in the market ?

Of course we offer support in the search for a specific Porsche 911 model or year of built. We have in our network also repeatedly vehicles, that are not officially for sale on the relevant platforms.

What is the difference between ELEVENCLASSICS and an official Porsche centre ?

A classic Porsche Centre coordinates sales and services the complete – now no longer quite small – model range of the manufacturer. Some Porsche centers have begun in recent years trying to establish themselves as Porsche Classic partners in addition.
We are convinced that in Germany there is no Porsche Centre, which has a higher volume in repair and maintenance of air-cooled Porsches as ELEVENCLASSICS. This volume makes us a special provider for our customers.

What is your opinion about cars that are coming back to Germany from other countries ?

Basically the vast majority of the Porsche 911s left the “Werk1” in Zuffenhausen, regardless of whether they were delivered to the US, Japan or elsewhere. At a certain point, more and more country-specific features have been built into the vehicles, among others upgraded engine electronics, chassis, left-hand traffic headlamps, bumpers, etc.
In the aspect of delivery volume from 1964 to 1998, considerable amounts of the production has been sold to the US and Japan. Out of this reason there are many vehicles still to be found out of these countries.
Ultimately, it depends on the condition of the individual vehicle, which should be considered on an individual basis.

Isn´t it to late/ expensive to collect classic Porsche 911s ?

No, we are absolutely convinced that it’s not too late to start. Buyers that have trustful dealers are making no mistake in the medium term – even if the market price would no longer rise for a certain period of time or would even decline for some time. Finally, it is a matter of fact that the collector cars are only available on a limited number. For good cars there will always be a market in our view.

Can I get a valuation report on the purchase?

Of course we can, if you wish, deliver a qualified appraisal report of an external expert for your insurance when buying a car with us.
Off course for cars that are not purchased from us, we offer qualified appraisal reports as well.