Parts and Engineering

In addition to our cars and services we are able to offer special parts, accessories and engineered modifications exclusively for Porsches.

We see this area as very individual and have intentionally not built this offer as a webshop, because it makes in our view, only sense to advise our customers personally. Finally, it is about repairing or repairing vehicles and components / assemblies of vehicles. In the case of modifications – to make very good vehicles a little better.

Who can better increase this individuality and performance of a Porsche vehicle, as a team, which focusses daily exclusively on these vehicles and knows each of their specialties.

We would like to personally advise our customers, as there are a variety of goals and motivations for modifications to vehicles. While some customers are looking for purely optical changes, others are concerned with performance, weight or other aspects – possibly a mixture of different sub-areas. In any case, our portfolio ranges from technical conversion measures to aerodynamic optimizations / modifications right up to the ready-to-use race car.

We deliberately did not go into the different model series of the Porsche models here. In principle, modifications are possible on all model series.

In the area of ​​Restomod we will give you examples in the future, how these modifications can look like in the “complete package”.

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