Our Team

Zoran Reckoski

Managing Director

After first professional steps as a motor mechanic and automotive technician master, I am for many years connected with the Porsche brand. From technical head of motorsport and Deputy Workshop Manager at Porsche Centre Mannheim I joined in 2014 hobby and profession and as a managing partner with Dieter Dürr - founded ELEVENCLASSICS - with which I am connected through a shared passion for Porsche for many years.

Since start of the company, we have been able to place more than 50 911s in the market, as one can see on our References.

Moreover we take care and consult two relevant German Porsche collections out of our premises in Speyer/ Germany.


Tel: +49 6232 2965 333 | +49 174 4 911 993

Dieter Dürr


Starting - as so many from us - with a fascination for modern Porsche cars and doing Motorsports in the amateur sector for some years I developped a passion for classic Porsche cars. In these years I came together with Zoran Reckoski who supported me in building my collection of cars. During the last year we took the decision to give others access to all the know-how that we made.
As I learnt during growing up some successful companies in the recruitment - industry it is most efficient to focus. Transferred these "lessons learnt" on ELEVENCLASSICS we have concentrated - as you can imagine by the name of the company - on air-cooled Porsche 911.
Walter Röhrl said once upon a time : "A garage without a Porsche 911 is simply a bleak and empty hole." - I can really understand that.


Tel: +49 6232 - 2965 333

Angela Fischer

Customer Support Management

After finishing my studies at the Fachhochschule Worms with focus on trade management and an additional time in International Business at Business School, I worked for a large Porsche center for many years. Before my maternal leave I worked as an assistant to the after sales management and marketing coordinator.

After I have know the ELEVENCLASSICS team for many years, it was an interesting perspective to be a part of the team, responsible for customer support.


Tel: +49 6232 2965 333

Nikola Vukovic

Head of Workshop

As my collegues I am for many years connected with the Porsche brand - starting as a motor mechanic and getting an automotive technician master. In ELEVENCLASSICS I am responsible for the After Sales Department and together with my team of five collegues I am standing for delivering "Best-in-Class" - Service to our customers.


Tel: +49 6232 2965 333

Marco Meißner

Deputy Head of Workshop

As a automotive mechatronics specialist I am with the Porsche brand for many years now even up to racing cars.

Before my time at ELEVENCLASSICS, I worked mainly on the modern Porsche -
  cars as well as the GT series. I wanted to take the opportunity to work on the classic models as well and now I am very happy to be a part of this excellent team.


Tel: +49 6232 2965 333